Nescafe Universities 2019


Working Days




Wet Samples


Dry Samples







The Brief

• Demonstrate new platform for the non-foaming mixes to university students, highlighting on “Start Real Connections” through the sense of “Belonging”.
• Emphasizing the 3 newly launched flavors (hazelnut, caramel & chocolate).
• Target audience; ABC1 Males & Females from, 17-24 Years Old, University Students who lives in urban areas and tend to be sociable, ambitious, outgoing, close to their friends and up to trend.
• Activation ideas covering dry/wet sampling, reaching mass students. Engaging to recruit new coffee consumers and making 3in1 the number one coffee choice for our targeted audience.

Robust Approach

We worked on creating a vibrant journey that any student would aim for, by creating a sampling tool that will create a buzz at any university we stop by. We built our ideation on three main pillars that would tackle the campaign objective “Sampling, Lounge, & Cafe”.
• Where the cafe would provide a coffee bar “where students are mainly going to try Nescafe new flavors”, Nescafé branded store merchandise, and Wi-Fi”.
• A custom branded lounge with plenty of seating areas, as it is a constant issue for university students. Along with plenty of entertainment activities for the students to enjoy throughout their school day.
• Mass sampling was one of the main targets, where we get to let the students, along with the universities staff try the 3 in1 Nescafe dry/wet.