Nescafe 3 in 1


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Wet Sample


Dry Sample






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The Brief

Making 3 in1 the official coffee for the Egyptian Students.
Building Loyalty Between the students and the coffee and making it a lifestyle for the freshmen.
Dry Sampling activation at the universities.
Starts Real Connections with through sense of belonging.
Highlight the limited edition packaging.

Robust Approach

Nescafe will have their own booth for the activation where we will be sampling from and giving the students the opportunity to perform at Nescafe Studio and buy there customized products from our merchandise store.
Students will enter to have their video with Nescafe ambassador to guide them to the steps where they will register to enter the studio to make their 1 min video to be one of the winner with Nescafe surprises.
The Videos will be uploaded on the social media after filtration. The Store will have all items from Nescafe that consumers can buy from a lot of items
The buying and selling process will work with number of Sachets, as each item will not have price tags, but will have Sachet tags. Where the consumer will have to give the empty sachets to take the item needed. Students Have to Buy Sachets From the Store.