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Branding Experiences

We design great experiences that gets your brand in touch with the desired customers the way they like it to ensure your story is not just seen, it’s felt. For us, brand experiences should be driven by every aspect of a company — from the company culture, the belief systems and heartbeat of the organization to how the images and ideas are reflected and experienced throughout all brand interactions.


Product sampling is a great tool to gain new and past customers to taste your product, we are always keen to deliver your product in its perfect serve condition into the hands of your desired target through tailor made sampling vehicles or tools.


We define events as brand experiences that are targeted toward specific audiences. These can include meetings, trade shows and conferences for participants (often invited) with common interests that determine the theme and content of the event. We don’t just educate the participants about your topic or product(s), we provide networking opportunities for the participants and the brand. Also, aligning and inspiring the participants behind a new strategy, initiative or product. Most of our events offer prolonged interaction with the brand, its people, products and/or services. As such, we consider that they are a valuable tool to build brand affinity by deepening people’s exposure and relationship with the brand


Mobile tours & Roadshows are a valuable marketing tool allowing brands to lay the groundwork in order to establish a positive reputation with their potential consumer base.  We come up with and execute customized mobile marketing programs that take your products off the retail shelf and into the consumer’s hands.