Robust is for brands who need to take the next progressive step to engage its customers and tie them closely to its brand. We believe in an unconventional experiences to encourage consumers to participate in the evolution of a brand. In Robust we always motivate and believe in our people to add value to themselves and to the society.

Robust enables you to bring the Brand personality to life and create ideas that are experiential in Nature and Dazzle your target audience using BETTER model;

Brand Personality

Three brand values that sum up the brand’s human-like characteristics

Emotional Connection

Multi-sensory and/or authentic, positively connected and personally meaningful

Target Audience

What they like, their lifestyle, their aspirations, the time they have available

Two-way Interaction

A live brand experience (face-to-face) that combines the above B, E and T

Exponential Element

A trigger mechanism that encourages participants to pass on their experience


Two-way interaction, word-of-mouth and amplification channels